Krystal (psych0girl) wrote,

Mondo Garden Project

Rob and I have been coming up with ideas for years for the small hillside in our backyard. We tried ground cover and it didn't take. We were thinking gravel. All sorts of stuff! Then Rob came up with a fantastic idea. We are going to turn the hillside into a garden! I have to preface this with him coming up with this idea because he keeps pushing me to buy chickens, and I kept telling him no because there is no place to put them! Well his idea is to turn the hillside into a three stepped garden. Can you imagine how much stuff this will produce?! The chickens (if the city of Santee allows it in their upcoming board meetings) will go in the fenced in area where we currently have a garden. We will remove the raised bed he built and when we re-do the paving stones in the backyard they will go to the fence to expand our usable patio area for the BBQ and patio furniture. He is already in the planning stage and pricing out the materials. It will take a good year to have it all built and done because we are using blocks to create the rows and will build 3 sets of stairs going down for access to the garden. Also, we are going to replace the fence up top with a metal fence and put in three gates for access to the stairs. The hope is to get one or two of the rows done so we can plant our winter garden. Yay!
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