Krystal (psych0girl) wrote,

Lessons learned while training

1. New shoes are worth the money! I've been running in 2 year old shoes which over the last two years probably have more mileage than they should for starting a new training program.

2. I suck at hydration. After I ran 5 miles on the treadmill and wanted to die, Rob asked me how much water I had. It wasn't enough, that's for sure! So I'm trying my best to drink water and cut diet pepsi (my biggest vice) out of my everyday consumption. And when I run over half and hour, which is from here on out, I need to have a water bottle with some G2 in it so I can replace electrolytes while hydrating.

3. Training is very mental. Rob is right. I focus so much on mileage and dreading running the longer runs each week that I set myself back. I have to get over that roadblock. I also need to find time to run OUTSIDE! On Wednesday I'm running 6 on a treadmill because I don't have time to run outside.

4. I can do this! I told Rob I plan on running during the cruise even if it means I have to run the track 50 times to reach my goal for the day. Plus, I'll need to run off the booze and 24 hour food service.
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