Krystal (psych0girl) wrote,


While working on the yard and house this weekend, I realized I am sooooooooo excited for summer to come. We bought a cheap patio furniture set from Target so we have a table and umbrella on the upper level. We lost ours a couple years ago when santa ana winds pulled the table over and shattered it because we left the umbrella open. Since the chairs for the new set fold up, we're keeping them folded and off to the side to minimize any sun damage they might incur. Our old chairs have turned brittle and we've lost all but 1 of them. We moved the seating that we had upstairs to downstairs where it belongs. Rob bought a new cover for the gazebo. We took care of some weeding and cleaning up the pool. The spa cover has been ordered so the jacuzzi will be back in action as well! Rob back washed the pool filter and I vacuumed up as much as I could from the bottom of the pool. I think the filter is just majorly clogged and needs a complete breakdown because it's not clearing up anymore. Too much dead algae debris floating around in the pool. I'm hoping it'll be ready for Sunday. I want my family to be able to use the pool and for the kids to have a great time swimming. I'm hoping to throw at least one pool party and have friends over to kick back and relax and maybe bring out the fire pit when the sun sets. :-)
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